Escondido Facelift

Escondido Facelift


Renovating this older suburban home in Escondido posed significant challenges.  Furthermore, the outdated layout hindered modern functionality, demanding a complete reconfiguration of space.  Significantly, the undersized kitchen created separation from the rest of the family.  Above all, the finishes, cabinetry and fixtures were outdated.  Given these points, it was critical to solve and design a breathtaking facelift.


The challenge was to remove the structural wall that divided these two rooms.  Despite our want, we designed the space in two ways.  One design was created by keeping the structural wall.  Simultaneously, a second design created a larger room, removing the structural wall.  Considering the added expense, the clients choose to go with option two.  This aspiring plan required the installation of a steel beam.   As a result, we transformed the area into a more expensive and inviting environment.  Certainly, opening the space enhanced the functionality and aesthetic appeal.  Unquestionably, this also shed light on the power of thoughtful design and skilled craftsmanship in redefining a living environment.


Quartz countertops, hand painted backsplash, cotemporary stainless kitchen sink and robust appliances, including an electric cooktop and ceiling hood.  Equally important, wood beams were added to the raised ceiling, giving character for the oversized foyer space.  Most importantly, a new lighting plan throughout helped to ground the newly enlarged island and create a great room for the entire family.   Lastly, new oak vinyl plank flooring helps the family to enjoy their two vibrant dogs.

Secondary Bathroom Design Challenge:

The guest bath was incredibly narrow and short.  Because of that, we pushed an adjacent bedroom wall into the room, creating more space for the bathroom.  In addition, a hall closet was eliminated, shifting an open floating shelf storage space for the interior of the bathroom.  Most notably, a large custom-made vanity creates more storage.  Above all, our favorite and beautiful decorative floor tile adds character to a clean and crisp new space.


  • Date: : 2023
  • Location: : Escondido, California