Coming together

Coming together

Working with the founder of Humble Design, Treger Strasberg and her husband Rob is so inspiring. They have dedicated their lives to seeing their vision continue to grow and flourish.

Left to right: Laura Lavoie, Director of HSSD, Vallerie Dalrymple, ASID Advisory Humble Design Board Member, Shannon Rice, President ASID San Diego, Treger Strasberg Humble Design Founder & Rob Strasberg, CEO Humble Design and new member of the team, Bo

How can ASID San Diego build a guide to empowering other chapters to step in and get involved in their cities? The long game, our wish is to see ASID Nationally supporting this pandemic of homelessness.

Here at home, we begin with building that friendship of support. Today, we worked on the programming of ASID San Diego’s upcoming Chapter Meeting, hosted at Bang & Olufsen and sponsors by Black Whale Home. We will be treated with the first ever screening of the Humble Design Documentary along with a collective goal of fundraising for a wonderful cause.

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