Partnership Development

Partnership Development

Founder Treger Strasberg on the importance of community partnerships

I’m thrilled to be able to join Treger Strasberg, founder of Humble Design in speaking about the value of partnership. ASID San Diego has pledged to continue to develop opportunities for our local designers to learn and take action. Our design community is large and busy renovating. If we all do our part in being aware of those moments when you see something needs to find a new home and you actively engage in steering it towards a Humble Design donation, well then our efforts are paying off.

Payte Miller Interiors, when working with residential projects, always shares with our clients the work we are doing in hopes they join in. We’ve had a number of clients share gratitude for us helping them take items off their hands. Logistics can be a challenge, especially in trying times and rising gas costs, but where there is will there is a way! Just remember, that piece of furniture, art or drapery rod in a Humble Design project is worth a million to the new user. Knowing your efforts affected the lives of someone in need is all you need to give a little kindness.

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